Street Legal Cart Rental | Recommended and Legal Streets in Fort Lauderdale to Drive a Golf Cart

A street legal golf cart, referred to as a low speed vehicle (LSV), can reach a maximum speed of 24mph, meaning it is allowed to be driven on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. There are several roads in Fort Lauderdale – where one of our store locations is – that are 35mph or less, and many that increase to 45mph, or are 35mph but just too crowded. If you’re coming to Fort Lauderdale for vacation and are interested in a street legal cart rental, especially if you’re from out of state, this guide is here to give recommendations for the safest, most effective, and street legal roads to drive a golf cart.

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street legal cart rental, fort lauderdale golf cart rentalLas Olas Boulevard: Allowed (and highly recommended!)

If you’ve been following the Boca Raton Golf Cart Rental blogs, you’ll have seen our destination recommendation blog on Las Olas. Las Olas Boulevard is one of Fort Lauderdale’s most popular areas, filled with all kinds of shops, galleries, restaurants, and more. You’ll see quite a few golf carts here as well, since the speed limit in the main area goes between 25mph and 30mph, depending on where you are, and once across the drawbridge over the Middle River, it goes up to 35mph.

State Road A1A: Allowed

Also called 17th Street, State Road A1A goes all the way up the coast right next to the beach, and most areas are 30mph. You can park a street legal cart rental just like a car, and the parallel parking at the beach is made easier by the golf cart’s smaller size. You can travel quite the distance with a golf cart along the beach road – approximately 20 to 25 miles on a single charge. When your golf cart starts getting down to around 50% charged, you’ll want to take it back to your home or hotel and charge it, since the lower it gets, the longer it takes to fully recharge. We recommend charging it overnight.

street legal cart rental, fort lauderdale golf cart rental7th Avenue/Avenue of the Arts: Allowed

Right off 7th Avenue and Broward Boulevard is where our Fort Lauderdale location is – you can find our address and other contact information here. This takes you right through the heart and soul of the city, and past various murals and street art from local artists. You can also find a lot of car repair shops in the more industrial area of 7th Avenue. Check out restaurants such as Miami Grill, and come down 1st street (our street) to eat at Vegan Junkie or Orchestrated Minds Brewing. Enjoy the murals on our store’s building and on nearby businesses as well.

Additional roads for a street legal cart rental:

  • Andrews Avenue
  • Bayview Drive
  • State Road 811/3rd Avenue (Turns into 4th Avenue/Wilton Drive once north of Sunrise Boulevard)

street legal cart rental, fort lauderdale golf cart rental

Broward Boulevard: Not Recommended

Technically, a golf cart is allowed to be driven on Broward Boulevard, as it is a 35mph road, but it’s also a very crowded road. Lanes merge and split in various areas, and the road also crosses US Highway 1 (US-1), where the speed limit is 45mph. Cars speeding through this area, as well as through different parts of Broward Boulevard, combined with the suddenly merging lanes, can be difficult to navigate for even the locals.

Recommendation: Try taking 6th street, Sistrunk Boulevard, instead. If you’re heading to the beach, take 4th or 6th street east to 3rd Avenue, then go south until you can turn left onto Las Olas Boulevard.

Sunrise Boulevard: Not Recommended

Some parts of Sunrise Boulevard are 35mph, but there are also some areas that increase to 40mph. There’s also an area where it splits into US-1, and this can be confusing or difficult to navigate for those unfamiliar with the area. As a road that goes through industrial areas, Sunrise Boulevard is surrounded by car shops, meaning that there could be cars parked in the road outside of shops. It is also just a big, crowded main road, with a lot of cars, many of them speeding.

Recommendation: If you’re going east of US-1, towards the beach, take Las Olas Boulevard. If you’re going west of US-1, use Sistrunk Boulevard (6th street).

Oakland Park Boulevard: Not Recommended

Oakland Park Boulevard is another crowded road, especially as it gets close to US-1. There are a lot of big stores and plazas along the way, as well as speeding cars. It is a 35mph road, but it’s not recommended due to the many lanes and fast crossroads.

Recommendation: Take 26th street instead – however, remember that there is no beach access from there. If you’re trying to get to the beach, it’s best to take Las Olas Boulevard to State Road A1A, as A1A will take you right along the side of the beach.

street legal cart rental, fort lauderdale golf cart rentalUS-1: Not Allowed

US Highway 1, or Federal Highway, is 45mph in most areas. Golf carts are not allowed on US-1. Streets close to US-1 or roads that cross over US-1 can be used instead.

Recommendation: State Road 811/3rd Avenue (turns into 4th Avenue later). Make sure to turn onto a different street before Dixie Highway, as this is another road that is not 35mph. Andrews Avenue and State Road A1A also work, even though they aren’t as close to US-1 as 3rd Avenue.

Powerline Road: Not Allowed

As with US-1, most of Powerline Road, or 9th Avenue, is 45mph. As with US-1, nearby streets that are 35mph or less can be used instead, such as residential side streets.

Recommendation: If using main roads instead of residential, use Andrews Avenue for North-South and 26th Street for East-West, or any of the other recommended alternate streets.

Street Legal Cart Rental

If you’re interested in renting a street legal golf cart in Fort Lauderdale, use our Fort Lauderdale golf cart rental application form. If you’re staying in a different city, use our rental form for booking – we offer delivery and pickup for an additional fee as well!

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